Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with NTP•Republic?

We know vinyl packaging!  NTP•Republic specializes in the design and manufacture of vinyl pouches, vinyl sleeves, pockets, vinyl holders and vinyl envelopes.  We also manufacture vinyl boxes with thermoformed inserts, vinyl ballet boxes, inflatable air splints and many other custom items for Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Odds are if you need a custom vinyl package we have already made something similar to your needs.  We also have an extensive library of tooling which we may be able to use on your behalf to get your product to market as quickly as possible.  Call NTP•Republic at 413-493-6800. Cut our designers loose on your next vinyl packaging project.   

What kind of vinyl packaging do you make?

NTP•Republic -  custom manufacturers of vinyl and urethane packaging solutions.   We purchase vinyl from all over the world to get the lowest price and the best selection.  Then we convert the vinyl into retail and wholesale packaging including vinyl pouches, vinyl envelopes, bags, pockets, holders, tool roll-ups, folders and many O.E.M. applications.  We also manufacture proprietary items including ballet boxes, vacuum-formed boxes, POS backer-boards, signs, novelty items and vinyl inflatable air splints for the health care industry. We also have a relationship with a custom thermoformer  and can provide you with clamshells, blisters and trays.

Where do you make your vinyl packaging?

NTP Republic is conveniently located in our 80,000 square foot facility at 475 North Canal Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts, off I-391, 5 miles north of Springfield, Massachusetts.  We are only two hours north of Manhattan and one hour west of Boston, Massachusetts.  If you call us this afternoon on a project, we can be in your office tomorrow morning.  We can be reached at 413-493-6800, our fax is 413-493-6801.

What kind of materials do you use?

We work with PVC vinyls and urethanes to produce custom vinyl pouches, pockets, sleeves and roll-ups for your product.  Our vinyl and urethane materials have minimal amount of lead and phalates but if you need lead/phalate-free material we have that as well.

We offer a wide assortment of vinyl materials from all over the world including crystal clear vinyls, frosty-matte vinyls, french-calf vinyls from every color in the rainbow, suedenes, castillions, faux-leathers, patent leathers and many more.  If you have a custom corporate color, we can even have a mill run manufactured to match your PMS color.

We accessorize our vinyl packaging with snaps, grommets, eyelets, butterfly hang holes, velcro closures, reusable tape, tie strings, rigid headers and more.

We also decorate your vinyl packaging with your artwork using both solvent based inks and ultraviolet inks.  Our customers usually choose two to three colors to print colorful graphics, product information and SKU bar codes.

How long does it take to design a vinyl package?

When you need a new vinyl pouch our customer service representatives will gather all the necessary information to guide you through the package design process.   You will work with a designer who will propose custom packaging solutions specific to your packaging needs. Upon your approval of an idea, our sample makers will fabricate a hand made vinyl pouch for fit and function.  When you approve the hand made sample, our tool makers will then fabricate production tooling for your project.   Typically, the design and build process takes between four to six weeks.  Once your tooling is complete we will proceed to production as quickly as possible.  

NTP•Republic maintains an extensive library of previously made vinyl pouch tooling.  Many times we already have a tool that can meet your packaging needs.  If that is the case, we can move even faster.  This saves you time, developmental costs and gets your product to market in about three weeks.  

What if I need vinyl packaging right away?

NTP•Republic has an extensive library of tooling for pouches, sleeves, holders, roll ups and pockets.   There is a very strong possibility we already have a tool that will meet you needs. This is a great feature because you avoid the tooling fabrication process and get your product to market even faster.

When you call on a new project, the first thing we do is review our collection of previously made tools.  If we have a tool that meets your needs, you could be in the marketplace within three weeks!

Can you print on my vinyl pouch?

Yes, we print colorful graphics, product information and SKU bar codes on your vinyl pouches, vinyl sleeves and holders.  NTP•Republic has an in-house pre-press department.  Just provide us with your company artwork and we will take care of the rest.  We will shoot your artwork, create the positive and burn the necessary silk screens.   Our customers use two to three colors to create an attractive pouch or sleeve.  We use both solvent based inks and ultraviolet based ink.  Subject to tooling fabrication we can produce parts for you within three weeks!

What if I need my vinyl packaging shipped monthly?

NTP•Republic accepts one year blanket orders for larger accounts.  If you place a blanket order, we will go to market and buy all of your material up front at a discounted price.   Then we lock in your price for the year.   We are also willing to inventory your parts so that we have them "all-the-time" so you can have then "just-in-time."  Our customer service department will continuously monitor your usage and advise you when it is time to reorder.  

How do you sell your packaging?

We sell parts 1% 10, net 30. Tooling and prototype charges are due with your purchase order.   Prototype charges are credited 50% against your first order.  

How much does tooling cost?

Vinyl pouch tooling, especially when compared to other types of packaging, is extremely economical.  Tooling costs depend on the type of pouch you require.  Some pouches only require RF sealing dies.  Other vinyl pouches, more complicated, with multiple pockets, loops and flaps, may require two or three cutting dies.  Typically, tooling costs, which are a one time charge, are between $400.00 and $900.00.  For a 10,000 piece order that's only about 7 cents a piece.   After the first run, there are no further tooling costs.  If you run high volume parts, eventually the dies need to be re-knifed or re-ruled.  These "down the road" maintenance costs are absorbed by NTP Republic.

NTP•Republic owns an extensive library of existing tooling.  Sometimes we have a tool that can satisfy your needs quite nicely.  This is serendipitous because it gets your product to market much faster, often for a very small engineering fee.

How much do pouches cost?

Vinyl pouch prices vary based upon the the gauge of the material, whether it is opaque or clear and other special formulations such as cold crack protection down to minus 20 degrees.  It also depends on whether the pouches are made on automatic high speed equipment, or if they are specialty, hand-made, custom pouches.   Lastly cost is impacted if you decorate your pouch with graphics, product information and bar codes.  Roughly speaking most pouches sell for 25 cents to $1 dollar.  NTP•Republic keeps costs down by building production tooling that is 6, 8 12, or even 24-up.  In other words depending on the size of your pouch, we design tooling to produce as many as 24 pouches at a time. Anecdotally, we actually have a tool that is 56-up.  This allows us to operate efficiently at the most economical cost to you.

What if a vinyl pouch doesn't work for me?

If your product requires a more rigid container, a clamshell, a tray or a blister sealed to a card we can introduce you to a local vacuum-forming company.  Walter Drake Custom Thermoforming supplies NTP Republic with thermoformed trays and blisters for our combo-boxes.  We also heat seal blisters, supplied by Walter Drake, to blister cards for our customers. They can be reached at or we would be happy to provide an introduction on your behalf. 

What's the best way to contact you?

Call our customer service representatives at 413-493-6800 or e-mail  Thankyou!