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Vinyl packaging by NTP•Republic

NTP•Republic custom designs and manufactures vinyl packaging and urethane products for consumer, industrial, stationary, medical and specialty markets.  Our vinyl packaging includes vinyl pouches, vinyl sleeves, vinyl bags, work envelopes, job ticket holders and document holders.  Our products can be found in Sears, Bloomingdale’s, CVS, Staples and Home Depot; in your local hospital, in manufacturing facilities and as components in industrial parts.  Whether clear or colored, splashy or plain, our vinyl products are a part of your everyday life.  Located in Holyoke, MA, NTP•Republic has been designing and manufacturing vinyl packaging for over 30 years.  

We specialize in vinyl packaging and urethane packaging

Our vinyl packaging is available in a myriad of different materials: crystal clear vinyl, frosty vinyl, or opaque colorful vinyl.  Our products can be constructed as simple 2D items or they can have pockets, loops or gussets with a variety of closures including snaps, velcro or reusable double sided tape.  If you have a retail application, we can screen print your pouch to make it pop and shine for your customers. 

Custom vinyl ballet boxes

We also manufacture custom vinyl boxes including thermoformed boxes and structured vinyl ballet boxes.  The boxes are constructed with heavy gauge chipboard sealed in between the vinyl and are grommeted together. Combo-boxes like the Deluxe knife set above have custom vacuum-formed trays which are heat sealed to the exterior vinyl also with heavy gauge chipboard on the inside. The combo-boxes also have a friction closure that allows them to snap tightly closed.  The point of sale POS display backers are made of durable rigid PVC, screen printed with your graphics and then diecut for pegboard displays.

NTP•Republic also manufacturers a proprietary line of inflatable air splints for the health care industry.  The splints are manufactured with a soft frosty vinyl – each splint with a zipper and inflatable valve for quick safe and easy use.  In addition to splints we specialize in all kinds of inflatable items.

As a full service vinyl-packaging manufacturer we create the fit, function and visual packaging style you need for your products. From your initial concept to your final part, we provide a turnkey service to design and manufacture your custom vinyl packaging and OEM vinyl components. We offer a full complement of manufacturing services including: heat sealing, slitting, die cutting, sheeting, screen printing, foil stamping, grommeting, eyeleting, snapping and many other custom oriented services.

At NTP•Republic, we combine decades of know-how with our large-scale production facility. Our vinyl packaging products are fully customized to meet your needs and range from inexpensive clear vinyl bags of thin gauge vinyl to high-end vinyl pouches, vinyl holders and OEM components with complicated construction, elaborate materials and multiple silk screen or hot stamped graphics. Our 80,000 SF manufacturing facility offers you the production flexibility for smaller jobs or the volume capacity for large jobs. Our service levels range from make and ship orders to annual blanket orders to JIT ship from stock programs.

No matter what segment of the vinyl packaging or OEM vinyl component market you are interested in, you have access to our full range of custom services including:

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NTP•Republic has been designing and manufacturing vinyl packaging, vinyl pouches, tool pouches, vinyl sleeves and vinyl pockets for over 30 years.  Call us at 413-493-6800 for your vinyl packaging needs.  We know vinyl packaging.