adhesive pockets

adhesive backed vinyl pockets, pouches, sleeves and holders.

Adhesive pockets from NTP•Republic

NTP•Republic can take any vinyl pocket, vinyl pouch, vinyl sleeve or vinyl holder and manufacture it with an adhesive backing. The vinyl pockets are delivered with a thin peel-off backing for your convenience. The backing can be peeled off the vinyl pocket and then the pocket can be applied anywhere in the office or in the factory.  Also popular are adhesive backed vinyl pouches or vinyl envelopes for first aid kits, inside of medicine cabinets, or inside of first aid stations in the plant.  

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At NTP•Republic, we combine decades of know-how in our large-scale production facility.  Our vinyl packaging products are fully customized to meet your needs and range from inexpensive clear vinyl bags of thin gauge vinyl to high-end vinyl pouches, vinyl pockets, vinyl holders and vinyl bags. Our 80,000 SF manufacturing facility offers you the production flexibility for smaller jobs or the volume capacity for large packaging jobs. Our service levels range from make and ship orders to annual blanket orders to JIT shipping from stock programs.

Call NTP•Republic today at 413-493-6800 to discuss your vinyl packaging and adhesive-backed pouch requirements. We know vinyl packaging.