vinyl boxes

NTP•Republic manufactures an assortment of vinyl boxes including a very popular and nostalgic vinyl ballet box.  The ballet box, extremely popular with dance schools, can be made in various colors with different graphics according to your school's requirements. The ballet boxes are constructed with heavy gauge chipboard sealed in between the vinyl and are grommeted together. They come complete with a separate compartment for ballet slippers and a handy shoulder strap.

We also manufacture combo-boxes like the deluxe knife set below. This box has custom vacuum formed trays, to hold the knives, which are heat sealed to the exterior vinyl also with heavy gauge chipboard on the inside.   The combo boxes also have a friction closure that allows them to snap closed. A local Holyoke company, supplies us with the vacuum formed trays which we seal inside the boxes.

Here are some more fun colorful combo-boxes.  Again these vinyl boxes have a custom thermoformed tray heat sealed to a vinyl exterior with chipboard in between to give them added rigidity.

Contact NTP•Republic today for your specialty vinyl box or vacuum-formed box needs at 413-493-6800.  You'll be glad you did.