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clear vinyl bags

vinyl bags

Clear vinyl bags in all shapes and sizes

NTP•Republic manufactures a broad selection of clear vinyl bags for retail packaging, pet food packaging, clothing, hosiery, stationary and many other end uses. We also manufacture vinyl envelopes, vinyl work envelopes and clear vinyl holders.

Crystal clear vinyl bags are available in 5, 6 and 8 gauge vinyl.  Heavier gauges are available for specialty applications but the 5, 6 and 8 gauge bags are the most popular.  Choice of gauge is strictly a function of the weight and shape of the item being packaged.  Five gauge vinyl, surprisingly strong, is used in about 60% of our vinyl bag production.

Clear vinyl bags have many handy features

A clear vinyl bag can be manufactured with many handy features.  It can have a zip lock top for closure.  To strengthen the top of the bag we often add a "teardrop" to improve the strength of the seal.  If the bag needs to hang it can have a butterfly hang hole.  If the weight of the vinyl bag is too heavy, the hang hole can be reinforced witha grommet or an eyelet.  

One of our customers was filling a 6 gauge vinyl bag with pet food.  The filling line was moving too slow because the vinyl bags were filling up with too much air like a balloon.  After discussing the problem with our customer, our packaging engineers suggested we insert a steel rule punch into the sealing die to leave an air hole in the bottom of the vinyl bag.  This allowed the air to escape and quickly increased the filling process, thus increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Your vinyl bags can also be printed in one or several colors with graphics, product information and bar codes.

Call NTP•Republic for your clear vinyl bags

NTP•Republic has an extensive library of vinyl bag tooling.  Odds are we already have tooling for a vinyl bag you need. Call NTP•Republic at 413-493-6800 for your crystal clear vinyl bags.  We know vinyl bags.

clear vinyl bags