Custom Tooling Design

Custom vinyl tooling design by NTP•Republic

After you pick a vinyl package design NTP•Republic will fabricate a one–up hand made vinyl prototype  to test for fit and function. Once you approve your prototype, the design process moves to tooling fabrication. This is a particularly important part of the process because an intelligent well-crafted tool design will have a significant impact on the economics of the production process.  All vinyl pouch tooling is made in house by master craftsman in our 80,000 square foot facility.

Your design will be committed to CAD (computer aided design) transferred to an aluminum plate and then fabricated by our toolmakers. Tooling costs are very reasonable compared to most other packaging options, typically between $500 and $750. 50% of prototype costs are also credited against production tooling. Tooling charges are a one time only charge.  

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Depending on the package design you choose, your vinyl package will likely require steel rule cutting dies and brass rule sealing dies. CAD drawings will be transferred to a plate upon which the dies will be fabricated.  

Depending on the size of your parts, tooling will be “stepped and repeated” to produce more than one part at a time. Perhaps 5-up or 8-up tooling. This allows NTP•Republic to efficiently produce cost effective parts that are competitively priced.

Custom Tooling Design for Vinyl Products

Compared to other types of packaging, our tooling is produced relatively quickly and inexpen-sively. Initial consultation, to design, to tooling fabrication can be accomplished in 4 to 6 weeks. Tooling typically costs only $400 to $750 per tool. Payment for tooling is due with your purchase order. Parts – 30 days.

NTP•Republic has an extensive library of tooling. Sometimes a customer’s vinyl packaging needs are not that unusual and tooling may exist for a particular application.  In many cases we may have in-house tooling to accommodate your needs.  This is particularly advantageous because it shortens the development time and minimizes tooling costs.   If not, of course, we will custom design a unique vinyl package just for you.

Once the tooling is made, the parts will be die cut or slit in our cutting department, printed in the screening department, snapped, grommeted, or velcroed, if appropriate, and then heat sealed in the sealing department. With our current staffing, backlog and complement of equipment, we can produce finished parts within three weeks of completed tooling.

Call NTP•Republic for your next custom tool design

Let our packaging designers create a sturdy, reusable and good looking vinyl package for you.  Work with us, or delegate your project to us. We will take care of the fit, function and visual requirements you specify.   Either way you will have a stellar custom vinyl package. Call NTP•Republic at 413-493-6800. We know vinyl tool packaging design.

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