custom work envelopes

Custom work envelopes from NTP•Republic

Custom work envelopes are commonly used in manufacturing environments for a job traveler to follow the production process across the plant floor.  Work envelopes simply protect your work instructions or documentation from water, dust, grease, etc. When the job is done, your documentation is still in good shape, in the work envelope – not lost on the production floor.   Work envelopes are available in various thicknesses, and closures depending on the harshness of the plant environment.   They are available with a horizontal opening (top load) or a vertical opening (side load), with one or several pockets.   If closure is required you have a choice of a tuck-in flap, a snapped flap, a zipper, a double-sided tape closure or a velcro closure. Your work envelopes can also be grommeted or applied with magnets or velcro for hanging purposes.  If desired your work envelopes can be custom printed with your artwork & graphics.

While everything that NTP•Republic produces is a custom item, we do have an extensive library of work envelope tooling. Odds are we have a size that can satisfy your needs. If so, you will not need custom tooling, we can bypass the tooling development process and produce your custom parts within about three weeks.

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In addition to work envelopes, NTP•Republic also offers a broad selection of vinyl document holders, ticket holders, tag holders, vinyl pouches, vinyl pockets and sleeves. Give us a call to discuss your work envelopes at 413-493-6800.  We know vinyl packaging.