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Vinyl pockets from NTP•Republic

NTP•Republic designs and manufactures custom vinyl pockets for thousands of different product applications.  Some customers call them vinyl pockets, vinyl holders or vinyl pouches.  No matter what you call them, NTP•Republic can make them for you.  We've got vinyl pockets, sleeves, pouches and any manner of custom applications you need.  

vinyl pockets

Custom vinyl pockets are durable, versatile and reusable. They are considered environmentally friendly because of their re-usability and their four to five year life cycle.  Vinyl pockets and holders are made of crystal clear or colorful vinyl materials with one or two protective pockets to store various items like insurance certificates, cosmetics, artificial sweeteners, manicure sets, small parts, etc.   Smaller versions of vinyl pockets are often used inside of a larger pouch or clamshell packaging to hold and organize accessory parts such as drill bits, screws, hex keys, replacement parts, bulbs, springs, etc. 

Vinyl pockets for the stationery market can be produced as clear pockets, they can be color coded with an opaque back, or even with a rigid vinyl back if required.  Document pockets can be produced with an open long side configuration or an open short side configuration.   They can be made to hang with a reinforced hang hole or a nickel or brass grommet.

Vinyl pockets or document holders are also available with adhesive backs, stick on vinyl pockets or even magnetic backed pockets. They are convenient to use and can be adhered almost anywhere. A clear or frosty front with a white peel-off self adhesive back helps you to organize the office in a clean professional way.

A close relative to a vinyl pocket is a vinyl work envelope or job ticket holder. These are usually made out of relatively thin inexpensive clear vinyl, but can be customized any way you want with grommets, magnets or graphic decoration. Some facilities even bar code their work envelopes so they can be scanned as the job travels through the production facility.

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Vinyl pockets, vinyl holders, vinyl pouches, sleeves, work envelopes, document holders, or job tickets, NTP•Republic stands ready to manufacture your vinyl packaging according to your specifications, on budget and on time. Not all decisions are difficult -- a call to NTP•Republic is easy.   Call 413-493-6800 to ask about vinyl pockets.   We know vinyl packaging.

vinyl pockets