NTP•Republic strives to offer you a quality product at the most competitive price.   Our products are petroleum based so raw material costs are subject to the whims of the commodity markets. We do try to hold quotes for 60 days.   As long as the price of oil is below $80/barrel we find the markets are relatively stable.  

To keep costs down we accept blanket orders which hold your costs fixed for one year.  We also purchase large containers of vinyl to get the very best price from markets both domestic and international.  We maintain a lean and flexible, cross-trained, workforce, we manufacture as many as 24 parts at the same time and we invest in automation to reduce labor costs. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge for design services.  We also offer special introductory pricing for new customers and for internet inquiries!

Call us at 413-493-6800.   We keep pricing down.