Custom tooling design by NTP•Republic

NTP•Republic has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom vinyl packaging including vinyl pouches, vinyl bags and envelopes, vinyl sleeves, vinyl pockets and OEM components.   Our packaging engineers are ready to help you come up with a distinctive vinyl package design to differentiate your product from your competitors.  

The vinyl packaging design process is simple and direct

Our customers often come to us with their parts, seeking a vinyl pouch, vinyl sleeve or vinyl holder. Often they spread the parts out on the conference table and say "I need a vinyl pouch" with little or no idea what they want. Our vinyl packaging designers have a wealth of experience and history to draw upon to suggest appropriate vinyl pouches for your specific packaging need. Before our package designers submit ideas for a vinyl pouch they will talk with you about your marketing and vinyl packaging objectives.  Is this an in-plant need or is it for a retail POP application?  If retail, how do you reach your customer?  What is your sell through strategy?  Does the package need to stack, stand or hang? What type of closures are you considering? Are graphics required? How do your competitors present their product? How can we help you differentiate your product from your competitors?

After we understand your objectives we will recommend a vinyl pouch design that meets your packaging needs. Sketches will be prepared and proposed for the design.  Upon approval, an in-house prototype sample will be hand made to check form, fit and function.  Upon approval of the prototype, the design will be computer generated (CAD - computer aided design) to be used in the tooling fabrication process.  At the same time, our pre-press department will begin preparing silk screens to decorate your vinyl pouch with colorful graphics, bar codes and informative product information.


When the tooling and silk screens are complete, NTP•Republic will "prove out" or test the tooling and generate a "first-piece" for your approval.  Upon receipt of a signed "first piece" we will proceed to produce your vinyl pouches.  Design cycles vary but for new, "custom immediate need" projects, the design, prototype and tooling typically is complete within approximately six weeks.  If NTP•Republic has a previously existing tool, that satisfies your packaging requirements, production can usually be scheduled within three weeks.

Vinyl packaging design options

Our vinyl packaging design services are offered free of charge.  Common vinyl package design options include butterfly hang tabs, grommets, gusseted side panels, reusable tape closures, snaps, zip-locks, pockets, loops, tuck-flaps, velcro closures, foil stamping and screen printed graphics.  Not only do we have the practical experience to address the fit and function of the package, but we also have the ability to attractively decorate the vinyl package in a pleasing way to help sell your product.  We have a wealth of experience designing innovative vinyl packaging solutions for our customers.

NTP•Republic also has an extensive library of previously made tooling for many different packaging applications. Often, we can produce a vinyl pouch or sleeve for you, bypassing the developmental stage and proceed directly to production.  Of course, if you do require a unique custom vinyl pouch, we will design and fabricate it for you.

Call today for custom packaging design by NTP•Republic

NTP•Republic manufactures a broad array of custom vinyl packaging including vinyl pouches, vinyl tool pouches, vinyl sleeves, vinyl holders, vinyl pockets, roll-ups, boxes, POS backer boards, signs, specialty items and inflatable air splints. Challenge us with your next project! Let our packaging designers come up with a custom package design just for you.  Call NTP•Republic at 413-493-6800.  We know vinyl packaging.