Vinyl sleeves

Vinyl sleeves from NTP•Republic

NTP•Republic designs and manufactures vinyl sleeves and clear vinyl sleeves for retail and commercial packaging. We manufacture your vinyl sleeves with a custom size, shape and design so you decide on the vinyl material, the color and the look you want. Give us as much input as you want or let us design an attractive and reusable vinyl sleeve for your product.

A vinyl sleeve is a simple and practical way to protect your product in an environmentally friendly, safe and reusable package. A vinyl sleeve is a flat, two-piece, vinyl pouch that is heat sealed together.  The front is usually an .010 crystal clear vinyl,  while the back panel can be a clear, frosted or colored .012 french
calf vinyl.    The top of the sleeve often has a rigid piece of PVC enclosed inside 
the sleeve.  Commonly referred to as a rigid header, the extra piece of vinyl has
a reinforced hang hole or butterfly which allows you to display your product on
a POS backer board. Front and back panels can be decorated with screen printing
or hot stamped graphics to present your company logo, product information, 
phonenumber, bar code, etc.

A vinyl sleeve, typically, has a tuck flap in the back to hold the product inside
the sleeve. The sleeve is particularly useful as a reusable, after-market case
or sheath to cover and protect individual items such as surgical
blades, commercial cutting tools, consumer knives, saw blades,
hand tools, rulers, straight edges, etc. 

Vinyl sleeves are a very popular packaging solution for
NTP•Republic’s customers.  In addition to being
reusable, they are extremely economical because
NTP•Republic will “step and repeat" the sleeves to
produce more than one vinyl sleeve at once. 
Depending on the size of your part, we might
produce 5, 10 or as many as 24 sleeves at a
time. This allows NTP•Republic to produce
competitively priced vinyl sleeve packaging 
in a timely manner as efficiently as possible.

NTP•Republic has an extensive tooling library to produce vinyl sleeves.  Vinyl sleeve dimensions are fairly common so we may already have tooling in-house to meet your requirements.   This is an attractive option because it saves about $700 for a custom tool and shortens the development time. Typically, all you will need is a new set of screens for your graphics.   Thus, NTP•Republic can be produce new vinyl sleeves for you in about three weeks time.

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In addition to vinyl sleeves, work envelopes and document holders, NTP•Republic also has a broad product offering including vinyl pouches, pockets, holders, roll-ups, envelopes, and a myriad of other custom O.E.M. items.   Remember, NTP•Republic’s purpose in the marketplace is to give your vinyl packaging the custom size, shape and complexity of design that meets your needs.

Not all decisions are difficult.  Call NTP•Republic at 413-493-6800 to ask about vinyl sleeves. vinyl pouches, pockets and holders.  We know vinyl sleeves.