What makes NTP•Republic different?

NTP•Republic, a custom vinyl pouch manufacturer, located in Holyoke, MA, has been in business over 50 years.   Originally, called Pioneer Valley Plastics, the company produced custom vinyl tool pouches for the hand tool industry.  Over the years, the company has prospered due to it's design and engineering expertise and has acquired many of it's competitors including Republic Clear-Thru from Brooklyn, NY and Bay West Plastics from West Springfield, MA.

There are many places where you can buy vinyl pouch packaging.   What makes NTP•Republic different and the reason we think you should do business with us is our staying power, our finances our people and our technology .

Our staying power?  Fifty years speaks for itself, we're not going anywhere.   You don't have to worry about getting your tooling back if the company goes out of business.  It can be a real hassle.   Not with NTP•Republic.

Our finances?   We own our 80,000 square foot facility and have no debt.  We are a very low overhead operation. No bankers to answer to when the stock market crashes.  No bankers to worry about when their mortgage portfolio's go bad.   We are our own bankers!

Our people?  We are very fortunate to have a reliable, dedicated and creative staff to design custom vinyl packaging for you.  On the production floor our average tenure of service is about 8 years.  Our customer service, engineering and design staff averages about 18 years!  Lastly, we have two hands-on owner operators who have owned the company for 16 years.   There is no question about their commitment to business, engineering and quality assurance.  We strive to design the best custom vinyl packaging for your product.

Our technology?  NTP•Republic has invested in it's production and quality assurance to increase productivity, reduce production costs and improve quality.  Our design engineers have modified our production equipment to be more productive and efficient with home made fly-knives, automatic take-offs, lasers, computer controlled indexers and other creations we are not going to tell you about!  In the 1990's each machine required two operators.   Today, one person runs three machines.

NTP•Republic offers a seemless, turnkey experience from your initial phone call to custom design, manufacturing and shipment of your finished vinyl pouches.   All custom design work, tooling fabrication, graphics and production is done in-house.  When you call with a new project, our customer service department will discuss your project with you.  We will ask many questions about your market, your sell-through strategy and how to differentiate your product from your competitors.   Our design engineers will propose solutions for your needs with sketches or CAD drawings. Once a strategy is agreed upon, our sample maker will hand craft a sample for your approval. You will review the sample for fit and function. Upon approval, we will build your production tooling in-house. The entire design and manufacturing process can be completed in about three weeks!

NTP•Republic has an extensive library of pre-existing vinyl pouch production tooling.  It is highly likely that we may already have a set of vinyl pouch production tooling that could meet your needs.   Because of this, we often win new projects because we can bypass the vinyl pouch design and fabrication process and get your product to market even faster without up-front tooling costs.

Today, NTP•Republic still services the hand tool industry, but also services OEM manufacturers with specialty engineered items and medical device companies working in both vinyl and urethane.   Call us at 413-493-6800.   If you do business with NTP•Republic, your project will get to market as quickly as possible.  NTP•Republic knows vinyl packaging.