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Vinyl pouches by NTP•Republic

NTP•Republic designs and manufactures custom vinyl pouches and vinyl pouch packaging for all manner of retail packaging, commercial and OEM applications. We deliver your custom vinyl pouches with the size, shape and complexity of design that meets your vinyl packaging needs. Because your vinyl pouches are custom made, you decide on the design and construction, the material, the texture, color, graphics and various different closures. Give us as much input as you want for your custom vinyl pouches or cut us loose and we will design an attractive reusable vinyl pouch for your product.

Vinyl pouches are an extremely popular offering with our customers because they are attractive, reusable, versatile and inexpensive.  Vinyl pouches are three dimensional in shape with multiple pockets, gussets, loops,  or flaps with snaps or velcro to hold your product in place. Our vinyl pouches will often include a clear silk-screened front topped off with a rigid header with a butterfly hanger for POS displays. If your product is unusually heavy, our vinyl pouches can be grommeted for even stronger hanging capability.  The back panel and any interior pockets of the vinyl pouch will usually be an opaque color of your choice.  The back panel is often decorated with product information and/or SKU bar code data. Our vinyl pouches are closed with tuck in flaps, snaps, velcro or reusable double-sided tape.

Vinyl pouches are chosen for their excellent retail display function, as well as, their reusable, after-market product storage feature.  A vinyl pouch allows your company to offer an attractive environmentally friendly package.   Instead of throwing away corrugated or styro-foam packaging, the pouch can be reused for many years to come.   Vinyl pouches work particularly well for:

  • Tool pouches
  • Cosmetic pouches
  • First aid pouches
  • Medical device pouches
  • Wrench sets
  • Hosiery pouches
  • Instrument pouches
  • Chisel sets
  • Precision tooling
  • Blood pressure pouches
  • Childrens clothing
  • and many more possibilities…

While much of our focus is on vinyl pouches, our expertise is converting vinyl and urethane into a myriad of product applications.   To do this, we offer a broad array of services including material slitting and die cutting, screen printing, sign printing, hot leaf stamping, embossing, and heat sealing.   We also offer many different kids of closures including, snaps, grommets, eyelets, velcro and zippers.

Our vinyl materials are sourced from all over the world.  We work in gauges between 4 thousandths and 40 thousandths in clears, no-blocs, frosty and double polished clears.   Beyond the vinyl clears, we work in calendered vinyl including french calf, suedene, castillian (an attractive leatherette), expanded vinyl, reinforced vinyl, cortina, corduroy, cordovan, pigskin, scarred leather, velvet crush and more.  For a custom mill run, vinyl material can also be embossed with various attractive and creative finishes.  

In addition to vinyl pouches, we also have a broad product offering including vinyl sleeves, vinyl bags, work envelopes, vinyl folders, vinyl pockets, tag and ticket holders and a myriad of other flexible packaging solutions.

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